Cherilyn Holloway, President of Pro-Black Pro-Life. Specializing in initiating tough conversations surrounding racial equity beginning from the moment of conception, Cherilyn travels the country educating our community about the negative messaging they receive regarding Motherhood and the sanctity of life. Cherilyn is an author and a thought leader. Her point of view has been sought after by ABC multiple times, and as part of their series, “Soul of a Nation.” She can be seen in the documentary, “Divided Hearts of America,” and “Battleground.” She has been a contributing writer for Focus on the Family, and Faith…Literally. Cherilyn has been interviewed by, MSNBC, ABC, TIME, New York Times Newsletter, Washington Post, and BBC’s 100 Women, as the Black, pro-life woman to know. Cherilyn is the author of the book, “A Black Woman’s Guide to Saving Her Race.” Her candor about the state of Motherhood in the Black community brings stale and erroneous assumptions out into the open for examination and review.

Image courtesy of ABC’s Soul of a Nation