Training for a Life-Giving Change

Pro-Black Pro-Life Founder, Cherilyn Holloway, has trained countless groups in the pro-life movement. As a Certified Crisis Pregnancy Intervention Specialist, and a Level 2 Certified Lay Counselor, Ms. Holloway will equip your staff and volunteers to build wider bridges. Through unique programs such as “Loving Well in the Midst of Diversity,” Ms. Holloway will challenge and equip you to speak lovingly, yet boldly to women in need.

Training can either be in person or online. Sessions can range anywhere from an hour to a day and a half. If you and your organization’s staff are in need of intensive training, or you are just looking for a refresher, contact Ms. Holloway today. Begin improving your ministry with the help of a seasoned professional.

Pro-Black, Pro-Life Founder Cherilyn Holloway is the leader the pro-life movement needs in this hour. Her humility, wisdom, and compassion for women and unborn children is inspiring. Her commitment to standing against racial injustice and empowering people of color gives me great hope. I’m excited to see Pro-Black Pro-Life lead the way in fighting for and protecting Black lives at every stage.

-Christina Bennett