Here's what some of our patients are saying...

“Cherilyn has a God-given passion to educate and speak on the topic of abortion and injustice. She’s creative, thoughtful, and clear in her approach to the Pro Black Pro-life issues. Her videos are insightful and challenging!”

- Toni McFadden

“Pro-Black, Pro-Life Founder Cherilyn Holloway is the leader the pro-life movement needs in this hour. Her humility, wisdom and compassion for women and unborn children is inspiring. Her commitment to standing against racial injustice and empowering people of color gives me great hope. I’m excited to see Pro-Black Pro-Life lead the way in fighting for … Continued

- Christina Bennett

“Cherilyn Holloway is a bridge-builder and a compelling voice in the pro-life movement. When it comes to the intersection of race, the church and LIFE, Cherilyn is one of the best teachers. Pro-Black Pro-Life will challenge you, encourage you to question, and inspire you to action regarding the issue of life.”

- Amy Ford

Because you can leave feeling hopeful.

- Anonymous

So much love and support.

- Danielle

I felt very welcomed and not judged at all.

- Heather

Helps to clear your mind and get a better understanding of things.

- Jessica

Very helpful and nice. Nurses made me comfortable in a situation I was dreading.

- Whitney

I feel I was provided with information that put my mind at ease.

- Tara

Everyone was very helpful and provided vital information.

- Emily