“Wait A Minute! What Did You Just Say?”

Listen. Listen closely. A statement in the middle of a conversation can matter-of-factly turn the narrative upside down. Suddenly, what you thought was the focus becomes trivial and you’re taken in a whole new direction. Your thought process is literally transformed.

Cherilyn Holloway, Founder of Pro-Black Pro-Life says, “We hope to invite and engage in conversations that lead to change and mobilize a movement. A conversation that informs an audience of things that may not be as they seem, and ultimately influence black communities for action regarding the issue of life.”

Need a speaker To Motivate Your Audience?

Cherilyn can be seen in the documentary, “Divided Hearts of America,” as well as, episode three of ABC’s series, “Soul of a Nation.”  She has been a contributing writer for Focus on the Family, and Faith…Literally.  Cherilyn is the author of the series, “A Black Woman’s Guide to Saving Her Race,” with volume two debuting in November. She lives in Ohio with the love of her life Jonathon, surrounded by their eight children, and two grandchildren.

Ms. Holloway is ready to engage your community in real conversations. Her topics can range from “Building Trust” to “What Are You Holding Onto?” She’s happy to discuss other topics that would apply to your church or group as well. Ultimately, Pro-Black Pro-Life, through the mobilization of community resources and groups, will become the voice for life in the black community..

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Pro-Black Pro-Life is excited for the opportunity to come to your community. Please fill out the form on this page and let us know about your organization, date(s) of your event, and what topics you would like to discuss.

We look forward to working with you!

Cherilyn Holloway is a bridge-builder and a compelling voice in the pro-life movement. When it comes to the intersection of race, the church and LIFE, Cherilyn is one of the best teachers. Pro-Black Pro-Life will challenge you, encourage you to question, and inspire you to action regarding the issue of life. 

-Amy Ford
Founder, Embrace Grace